Suv’s are designed to be a more practical version of a ute and to be more daily drivable. Some pros for a Suv is that they have loads of room for carting the kids around most Suv’s have room in the car for 5 all to way to 8 people. Another pro for the Suv is that it is a very versatile vehicle it is practically a ute just without the tray in the back. Some cons for the Suv are 1 they are not really the best things for fuel economy because they weigh quite a bit so the motor has to work twice as hard to get the car up to speed. Another con is that Suv’s tend to be on the larger side for a car, this means that it can be a bit tricky for you to park it. But overall SUVs are one of the best cars that you can buy on today’s market.



Ute’s are designed to be the ultimate utility vehicle. They are made to be tough and rugged for off-roading they are not really designed to be driven as people’s daily driver, but in saying that they do have an astronomical amount of space for caring your stuff around in. one pro and one con for utes are that utes have some of the most space that an automobile can offer, but all that space comes at a price fuel economy utes don’t generally have the best fuel economy because of the weight and size.over all utes can be a fun vehicle to drive but are not really the best to daily as they a big and heavy witch affects the fuel economy and is a pain when parking them.



Hatchbacks are designed to be the ultimate daily driver. They are very small and compact cars often they are found to be quite a zippy car thanks to their weight witch ceases to exist and also their miniature size. They also come with extraordinarily good fuel economy because of there small size and their abysmal weight. A pro for hatchbacks is that they are very small and easy to drive around town as they can fit in pretty much every car park and have no problems getting out. A con for hatchbacks is some times they are a bit too small for example you don’t really want to be much taller than 5 foot 8- if you are sitting in the back of one of these things. Just to recap hatchbacks are designed to be for shorter people not really for taller people how ever if you are short it is the car to buy for you.

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