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timmy trumpet is a 37 year old drum and bass artist born in austraila, where at an early age learnd to play the trumpet, taught by his dad. at the age of 13 he was dubed the young Musician of the year. after tis he was granted a full scholarship to the Conservatorium of Music. after graduating he landed a spot in the Australian All-Star Stage Band. he then adopted the stage name Timmy Trumpet and began performing as a trumpeter alongside Australian DJ duo the Stafford Brothers at Australian nightclubs and music festivals. He then taught himself how to DJ and began playing solo shows billed as Timmy Trumpet, incorporating live trumpet into his DJ sets.


ItaloBrothers is a German dance project from Nordhorn, Germany. They are most successful in Scandinavia and Central Europe, but also have gone on tour in Eastern Europe.[1] They release all their songs on Zooland Records. Their most successful singles to date include: "Stamp on the Ground", "My Life Is a Party", "This Is Nightlife" and "Summer Air" On 27 July 2012 the band released a single called "My Life Is a Party" which is a cover of the track "Dragostea din tei" by O-Zone from 2004. The radio edit of the song is still in typical ItaloBrothers style but the video features a remix by German dance band R.I.O., and was released on Kontor Records thus gaining a huge amount on YouTube views. The song entered the Top 20 in Austria, and managed to reach the first chart positions for the band in their home country, Germany, and in Switzerland, too. The song also charted in France and Belgium.