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about me

I am 15 years old and I was born in wellington nz. and I was born with a love
for construction equipment and have loved it all my life. but I have picked up new interests
such as cars and trucks as well as hockey (which I don't play any more) and badminton.

I also like to play video games my favorite games are forza horizon 4 and need for speed heat.
this picture shows me in a 2020 toyota supra ( the supercar killa ).

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my interests

one of my key interests is cars and trucks I have loved them for as long as I can remember.
I also love to go to the speedway and watch the cars race around the track I upload videos of this stuff
to my youtube chanel I have been to see some of the rarest and most highend cars in nz.

my favorite car that I have seen is the Mclaren 675lt coupe which was 1 of 3 in nz!!! I also love the Lamborghini gallardo superleggera edizione tecnica (super light technical edition)I have a video of this car starting and reving. I like to do some photoshop at school during lunch time and make cars with body kits.

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