image of steel lik texture
my number one image

programing skills

I have learnt the following programing languages html, python and css.

some programing skills I know how to do are if/else statements,

while/for loops h1/h2/p/ul/ol statements and more.

my number two image


one of my hobbies is to go and look at super cars around the wellington region there are few cars that I have not
seen. some of the most expensive cars I have seen are the Lamborghini aventador, Ferrari f12 berlinetta,
Mclaren 675lt and Porsche 911 gt3 rs. I have also been given the privilege to hear some of the cars such as the Lamborghini gallardo, 2020 Toyota supra and Ferrari f430.

my number three image

software and programing skills

I have had experience with multiple applications such as notepad ++, adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator,
adobe indesign, neo cities, python, microsoft access, google docs/sheets/drawings/slides and more.

I have just named the main ones. some of my previous projects include.

  1. Audi r8 v10 plus gt4 body kit
  2. Python assessment
  3. World of Wearable Art poster
  4. Database assessment